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We can put What ever You  like on an 11 oz. or 15oz. mug.

$5.00 to $8.00 depending on size and what designs You want.

Defuniak springs, 32435


Phone: 850-951-0707 850-951-0707



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Custom Tee shirts

These are top quality polyester Tee shirts.

These Pictures don't show how nice they really look. You really need to go to Our booth in Pawn plus 11 in Defuniak Springs Fl. 

From Mild to WILD, We can put just about any thing You can think of on the shirt.

I'm going to be doing some more Tees for 2019. I think fewer colors wil be good.

I was told all the bright colors are kind of distracting. They will still be available to any body that wants them, but I will concentrate on more sizes with custom stuff. 

If You can think of a way to improve My Tees I would love to hear from You. You can call or email through website.

The printing process is very good on light polyester fabrics. It actualy goes into the material , but this works best on light materials.

This is what different colors look like this color shirt.

another color available.

$16.50 for any color we offer, contact us, or go to either of our booths. either Pawns plus II in defuniak springs . Or The Warehouse  Mall in Florala.

This a popular color and works really well with darker colors.

$ 16.50  with Your design front and back.

$16.50 at Pawn plus 11 consignment shop. 

Available in different sizes and colors.

Front side of above.

$16.50 at Pawnplus 11 consignment mall in Our booth.

$16.50 at Our booth in Pawn plus 11 on hwy 83 N.

Full picture below.

$ 16.50 Available in different sizes and colors.

At Our booth in the Pawnplus 11 consignment mall.

Cute Tee shirt, Currently available by online order only. This design is for My grand daughters birthday. But as all ways it can be made in several sizes and colors.

$ 16.50, You'll be able to pick it up at Our booth in the consignment mall in Pawn plus 11 in Defuniak sps. Fl.

$16.50 at the Pawnplus 11 consignment mall.

Every Mom should get one of these.

Available in several sizes and colors.

$ 16.50

I'm not sure why either, but have fun. Be the first Kid on Your block.

$16.50 At the Pawnplus mall. In Our booth.


$16.50 at the Pawnplus 11 consignment mall inDefuniak Springs.

Come on, Say it out loud.

$16.95 What can I say about this, no seriously what ?

This the back of the above shirt

This is an original design . Available in several colors and various sizes.

$ 16.95 Needless to say I support Our President.

This is for the serious motorcyclest. $16.50 

available to order and pickup at either of our boothes.


For that special Redneck in Your life.

Availble in small to 3xL

I really did not expect to sell this to any body. I just thought it would be funny to make.

But if You want one, it's $16.50

Back side of Fatfighters Tee above.

This is just an idea of what You can have made.

$ 16.50 Fun shirt. Comes  in different sizes.

Back of above Tee.

One of the advantages of sublimation is One or ten is the same price. Each item is made one at a time. So their is no extra charge for just one, and a totally custom Tee is doable.

$14.50 For a polyester tank top.

This is the front of the above Tee.

ebay Ladies Tee shirt link

$16.50 , available in various colors and sizes.

This one just cracks Me up.

$16.50 different sizes available

$ 16.50This an original design. several sizes available.

A little better detail.

$ 16.50 Just another Tee

We also do a good line of iron ons, These look and last longer than most ironon transfers and they are a little cheaper than our sublimated Tees. You can see these at our booth.


These transfers don't hold up all that well. after a few washes they fade. so for a breif event they would be OK

I'm sure some one in Your life would fit this.

Avaiable as both a transfer on any color cotton  $10.95

or sublimated ( on select colors) $16.50

10.95 nice design

Another example, But remember We would like to do Custom Work. I like putting Cars and stuff on a tee.

$16.50 Macon Bacon.You can get this graphic on several different  sizes and colors.

The Graphics need to be darker than the Tee. I saw this on a poster in 1969.

back of above

$ 16.50 My Daughter is a big Gaters fan, So We made  a Tee shirt .

!6.50 My food poops on Your food!

$ 16.50 Right!

Comes in several sizes and colors.

$ 16.50 My Wife loves this color, and I like the messasge. 

This Tee is available in several sizes.

$ 16.50 What can I say?

$ 16.50 Original design

$ 16.50 This design is pretty cool. alien Xray.

This Tee shirt color is called  " lavender" It can have any design, As long as the design color is darker than the Tee. plain it's  $ 12. 50, with a graphic design it's $ 16.50

$ 16.50  Availeable in several sizes and colors.

Back of shirt above.

$ 16.50 

$16.50 Different colors and sizes available.

$ 16.50 An idea I had, I just printed it up. Not a great pic, the Shirt turned out good. If You have an idea for a Tee or some other Sublimated item. We can do it.

$ 16.50  Any Words or graphics, Pictures etc. can really look good.

Poliester tee, whimsical message.

available on request. In several colors.


$16.50 available at Our booth in Defuniak Springs

Diferent sizes and colors.

Kinda says it all

Probably not going to see too many of these at high end dinner parties. F%&K EM !


Be loud, Be proud. You need one of these to annoy Every one!


" Baby on board"

Availabe in several sizes and colors

A little different variation


Theres all ways a long line at Porky's

but You  can get their Tee shirt.

$16.50 in different sizes and colors

Stop by PAWN PLUS 11 consignment mall to find out How.

Another one of quirky (non existant places) You would like to go, but can't. Oh well.

16.500buys You the tee shirt.

<< New image with text >>This is the front of the Quiky Lube Tee.


Definitely not " UNDERAROMR"  but You can get it in several sizes and colors. For the oddball.


$ 16.50 

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