New stuff.

We closed Our booth at the Ware house mall in Florala. Helen has some health issues and I just don't have the touch to keep up the booth Myself. But We will still be available at Our website. And We still have the Booth in Defuniak Spgs. fl. so I look forward to hearing from you. Also I'm trying to figure out how to sell from Our website.

This not for sale. I just think it looks cool and I wanted  to put it out there.

I have been looking for a Coach gun for years and My wife found Me one. And it's perfect for what I wanted it for. See it's real, but so old and beat it's only useful as a wall hanger.

Which is just what I was looking for. So I built a frame for it and My beautiful Wife let me put it up in Our dining Room, Thanks Honey. I'm not really a western fan. But i am ahuge john Wayne fan. So Wow! You can see the plaque on this website. And I found the badges on Amazon.

I just figured out how to put video on the website. And it's even on Youtube.

I know it's not very good, but it's the first time i made a video like this. Once the kind folks at 1 and 1 onos walked Me through it I 

able to put it here. I hope you get some thing out of it!

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