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We can put What ever You  like on an 11 oz. or 15oz. mug.

$5.00 to $8.00 depending on size and what designs You want.

Defuniak springs, 32435


Phone: 850-951-0707 850-951-0707



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These are  some of the plauqes we made, Just to give You a start on Your own ideas.

$17.50 Presidents (living and dead) playing pool.

This copy is in Our booth in the front corner of the Pawnplus 11 consignment mall.

So the one who was admiring the copy hanging in the front (not for sale) can now buy one. This one.

$16.50 Funny , classic painting of dogs playing poker.

Two of which are cheating. 

This is in the same location with the Prsidents playing pool.

$16.50 WILLI !

Pawnplus 11 Mall in Defuniak Spgs.

$17.50 8x12 wooden frame

1953 Corvette, Another car I always wanted.

can be seen at The Warehouse Mall

$17.50 Defuniak sps mall

8x12 custom wood frame.

I think it,s a Ford.

$16.50 8x10 custom frame.

In Florala Al.

$ 16.50 

Nice reprint of a Norman Rockwell.


Three soldiers at Gettysburg.

$ 16.50 Available at the Ware Huse Mall in Florala Al.

$17.50 The  "Bambino". 

If You don't know who this is, Your probably not a baseball fan.

But if You do , You want this.

$16.50 photograph at Gettysburgh

The Warehouse mall

$17.50 Jackson and Lee. What can I say.

$16.50 These kind of signs don't sell very well. I just thought of it one morning, and it made Me laugh. I really see it going to a mens room some where that needs a little lighthearted touch.

This was a photo taken by My Daughter of a beach in Walton county.

$16.50 includes frame.

Local south Walton county beach scene. with pine frame.


I just like this, the colors are nice.


No mensroom should be with out this one.


This is a Picture of local horses in their pasture. Custom frame


I really enjoyed taking this.

Cool western bar room scene, great for any Man area. 8x10 with totaly unigue frame


Original reprint of  Talented local artist ( My Grand daughter) I am keeping the Original.


$ 16.50 Beautiful desert scene in a custom frame. 

This type of finish was a popular in the seventies, I have'nt seen it in years

Antigue tractor on reclaimed wood plack. One of a kind.


$ 16.50 Nice relaxing picture in a nice pine frame.

$17.50  8x12 Retro look, old oil and gas sign.

$ 16.95 The ten commandments on  slate.

At the Ware house Mall in Florala Al.

$ 16.50 Nice photograph with pretty custom frame. I can do this for You of say a Wife or Girl friend. 

$ 16.50 Civil war battle scene, in a unique frame.

$16.50 Parent of the yrar

$ 17.50 8x12  Sublimated print of Confederate charge led by General Lee.

Gray  wooden frame. This will be an heirloom, Because  not only is the content special, But this isone of a very few of its kind. 

$ 16.50  8x10 Sublimated print. Classic picture of Uncle Sam, But with a new twist. So if Your 1st amendment rights are important this is some thing you want. This isanother item You probably  won"t find at  Walmart.

$ 16.50 Depiction of a Confederate last stand.  8x10 sublimated print.

$ 16.50 Black and white Ad

This was an updated model of the 1940s/50s bad to the bone Vincent Motorcyclew

$17.50 nice photograph of a beatiful Atomobile

The frame is pine with dark Mahogany stain and poliuratane varnish.

At Our booth in the Warehouse mall in Florala. Rigth on main st.

I told My wife if We win the lottery I want a car like this, ( this as close as I will probaly get)

This old Buick is so fine.

$17.50 in a  dark mahogany staine/poliurathaned pine wood frame

at our Florala Al. Ware house Mall Booth.

If You don't under stand it ....

You are probably  O. K.

Stained old barn wood.

Don't remember Price but its at Our booth at

PAWN PLUS 11 in Defuniak Springs

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